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    Absorbency-testing device is used for determining the absorption of liquid mediums, by paper from the top and bottom sides within a predetermined time.

    The IGT Cobb tester is an absorbency-testing device used to determine the absorption of liquids, such as water, aqueous solutions, oils, varnishes and others, by paper, paperboard and corrugated board within an accurately, predetermined time, in accordance with ISO 535, Scan P-37:77 Scan P12, Tappi 441 and Fefco nr. 7.


    There are different types of Cobb testers available:

    – for determinations on thin substrates like paper and light paper board. A special version is available for light structured papers (e.g. tissue), which can also be used for paper and board

    – for determinations on substrates up to 15 mm thickness, like massive board or corrugated board

    – for determinations on plaster board construction panels up to 22 mm thickness

    – as the standard version with the additional option to measure the absorption curve until the liquid passed through the substrate




    In these devices an electronic stopwatch is mounted on the base plate. The cylinder support is connected to a crank with handle and can rotate in the block resulting in a flip-over of the container. The liquid recipient is located in the cylinder support, so that it can easily be replaced. A lid is mounted on the cylinder support by hinges and is secured on the cylinder by means of a locking mechanism. By rotating the ring by moving the handle a signal is given to the stop watch to start timing; at this moment the absorbency has started. At the end of the test a signal is given by the stopwatch. At this moment the ring is moved backwards and a signal is given to the stopwatch and timing is finished.

    The tension of the locking spring enables testing of paper and cardboard with different thicknesses. Different versions of the tester are available for standard paper and board, tissue and other low structured materials, corrugated board and for non-standard sample sizes.

    Inner Ø 112.8 mm, Max sample thickness 4 mm, Filling amount 100 ml, Test area 100 cm²




    Weight 6 kg
    Dimensions (d x w x h) cm 20 x 20 x 25
    Lifting system Manually
    Accessories 570.001 Quenching roller, 570.002 Quenching plate, 570.004.100 Template, 570.005 Blotting paper, 570.007 Cup for 100 ml, 570.500.010 Insert for samples with test area 10 cm², 570.500.025 Insert for samples with test area 25 cm² (banknotes)
    Inks or liquids Liquids
    Compatible instruments 570.000.322 Cobb Building Boards 22mm SFT03t gp22, 570.000.800 EasyCobb, 570.000.900 Cobb tester clamp system
    Volume 100 ml
    Cleaning After using the device should be cleaned using a washing solution consisting of de-mineralized water and a washing-up liquid., Afterwards, the device is to be rinsed with plenty of de-mineralized water. The liquid container is made of anodized aluminium
    Power Supply Requirements Battery type R3, UM 4, 1.5 V for electronic stopwatch
    Guarantee Standard one year
    Space requirements 0.09 m²




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